Constructing a comprehensive financial plan is a complex process that takes time, knowledge, resources and commitment. Maintenance of the required knowledge and credentials itself involves expending time, energy and money on continuous basis.


Our Fee is Genuine!

We charge strictly on the basis of how much work we do for you (not on the basis of value of your investments/assets under advice or income). This results in NOT over-charging any client with large assets.

On the other hand, for clients with lower income and assets below a certain level, we provide discount in fee proportionate to their income. That is, lower the income, higher the fee discount! (This does NOT mean we work lesser for them, it’s just a matter of social obligation.)

So rest assured we are concerned, more than you, about the fee you pay for our service. It’s strictly controlled. As a matter of fact, our remuneration is moderate in comparison to the significant value you get over time.

“Financial planning is a profession for us, not a business…


We Offer ‘Pure Fee-Only’ Financial Planning Service!

We provide financial planning service with absolutely no conflict of interest, getting paid only by our clients. Our compensation is in the form of competitive & affordable flat-fee based on the time and complexity of the planning work involved.

Your financial planner does not work primarily for money. Rather he enjoys working to financially improve people’s lives. The fee you pay is actually your contribution towards keeping his practice healthy and progressive, to enable him to continuously serve you to your full satisfaction, now and in future.

“Our worth is defined by how much more we give in value than we take in payment…


You Get The Service Of A SEBI Regd Investment Adviser And A CFPᶜᵐ Professional!

A financial planner/adviser is required by law to get registered under the SEBI Investment Advisers Regulations, 2013. We are required to work only for fee (and not to accept any other remuneration for our work, including commissions). This is to avoid any conflict of interest, and to work solely for the client and not for any product company. The SEBI registration and the CFPᶜᵐ certification are the professional commitments of a financial planning expert, that you cannot neglect, if you plan to avail an independent financial planning service.

“It’s the commitment that matters…


Nothing Comes For Free In Life!

You may find in the market so many financial advisers giving free advice. But you get what you pay for. The “free” option ultimately proves to be the expensive one when you find that the high product commissions and management charges are actually paid by you, whereas an independent financial plan suggests lower cost and relevant investment products. If any financial decision based on improper advice happens to be wrong, it may bear prolonged adverse effect on your life. Financial planning fee paid is actually an investment into a happy life.

“Wise people do not hesitate in paying ‘a few thousands’ to save/make ‘lakhs’…


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