Retirement Corpus

Financial planning for your retirement life!

(There is NO SELLING of insurance policies, investment products)

Retirement life is a long period without active income. Your Retirement Plan comes with recommendations on your existing investments and for new ones to generate corpus to meet your retirement life expenses and enhanced healthcare expenses, and to provide for any estate to be left behind for children. The plan also covers creation of wealth corpus. Avail yourself of this independent, professional and personalised retirement planning solution!


Who should opt for our service of Retirement Planning?
  • Those who do not want to go for comprehensive financial planning but want solution only for retirement needs
  • Those who want to properly manage their hard-earned money, in an ongoing planned way, for optimum returns and to create wealth
  • Those who want to plan for fully meeting their ongoing expenses in the golden years of retirement


The real benefits of Financial Planning to investor client comes from its Process. The Process of our Financial Planning service is quite elaborate and covers various steps categorised under 4 heads – CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR COMPLETE SERVICE PROCESS


You actually have five FinlifeCare service options from which you can choose one as per your requirement – CLICK HERE TO COMPARE THE BENEFITS AND FEES OF OUR 5 SERVICES OPTIONS


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Retirement planning is an important requirement for every person and family. A healthy corpus is required to fund one’s expenses in golden years, maintaining desired lifestyle and adjusting for inflation & life expectancy. One has to plan for current assets as well as fresh investments to build that corpus.

  • It’s when you are working and earning that you have to start, and start early, to save and invest wisely to meet the above objective.
  • And again during the retirement years, the investments have to be prudently planned in such a way that it serves the dual purpose of meeting the ongoing monthly expenses as well as growing the corpus so as to cater to all the remaining years in life.