Financial Planning Service for Families with Lower Income

Financial planning is not only for the rich. It is equally (rather more) needed by the economically weaker families. FinlifeCare Solutionsᵀᴹ understands its social responsibility, and ensures that no one is deprived of its financial planning service due to non-affordability of fee. You may yourself need this service. Or, you may help someone else with it, like your domestic help’s family; your assistance can go a long way in helping them to be better off.

One gets the following covered under FinlifeCare Pro Bono Planning Service:
  1. A family can choose any of the services listed in the right column as per their need.
  2. The Financial Plan may be abridged but the essence of the planning process is maintained.
  3. The service is provided at a significantly reduced fee or a very nominal fee, depending upon the family’s financial situation, as informed below.
Following are the conditions for a lower income family to avail this service:
  1. The family must be saving (or start saving) with discipline certain minimum amount periodically.
  2. It must develop, during introductory meeting(s), due faith in the financial planning process.
  3. There must be someone literate in/for the family to act on its behalf.
  4. We reserve the discretion to provide (or not to provide) this service to a family.
Professional Fee:- NO INDIAN CAN SAY TO US, “I cannot afford your fee!”

The Service Fee remains Less Than 1/5 of the family’s Monthly Income, even if the Planning Work involved calculates a fee more than this amount.

The fee is very nominal for a ‘very low income family’ having no prior financial product.

The service is not completely free. This is necessary to maintain:

  • the client’s sincerity/interest towards the financial planning process, and
  • our accountability for the service we provide to the client.