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Mutual faith and proper communication are of utmost importance for the success of this process. You can freely put as many queries as required at any point of time, which will be honestly answered.

(Thanks to Michael Kitces for his article on client-centric financial planning process for providing great ideas that helped us in redesigning our process as above.)


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Points out blind spots in our thinking, and helps us find appropriate remedies

Mr Sukhvinder is a thorough professional who is a hardworking and dedicated financial planner. He analyses a client’s life situation and goals in detail, and suggests options that will meet a client’s goals with the best chance of success, even if that may run contrary to the client’s own mindset.

I enjoyed working with him and look forward to a fruitful relationship in the future. I especially appreciate the rapid turnaround in response to questions and queries. He is open to suggestions and very flexible throughout every step of the planning process. He points out blind spots in our thinking, and helps us find the appropriate remedies. I wholeheartedly recommend Mr Sukhvinder for anyone looking for an unbiased, knowledgeable and dedicated financial adviser.

Nishanth Muralidhar

Doing a very good work of securing financial lives

I have taken Sukhvinder Sidhu’s financial planning service this year. Along with what insurances are required specific to my family’s requirement and proper investments, the service involved many other essential things about money, which I was earlier ignorant about. As observed during our work meetings, I find him a nice person and a sincere professional with high commitment level. He is doing a very good work of securing financial lives of busy people like us.

Gaurav Verma
Managing Partner, G-Charge Mobile Accessories

The best financial adviser

I was looking for a fee only financial planner and came across Mr. Sukhvinder Sidhu through some blog. I sent him request and he set a call. We discussed various things related to finance/ investments; the meeting went on for hours. I became fully sure that I have found the right person to seek advice and start my investments. Based on my needs he suggested me a financial plan to help me to start from scratch. He explained each and every thing pleasantly.

I must say it is a 24/7 support service and we can connect through various medium like mail/What’s app etc. With advanced tools/application, he provides the detailed information so customer can understand the report properly. The financial plan is customized as per our need and current situation. Sukhvinder foresees the future situation as well and suggests investments accordingly.

I am out of India but did not feel the distance as he was one step away for my queries. I loved working with him and look forward to continue the fruitful relationship in future. I absolutely recommend Mr. Sukhvinder and FinlifeCare Solutions to anyone looking for an unbiased, knowledgeable and dedicated financial adviser and you will get plenty of support/guidance whether you are in India or out of India.

Abhishek Pathak
Information Technology

Very professional and committed to client satisfaction

I was looking for a fee-only financial planner and came across FinlifeCare solutions. The thing that attracted me most was Mr. Sukhvinder Sidhu’s commitment to cater to the needs of all sections of society with financial planning and securing their future.

In the last 2 years that i have worked with him, i can say he is very knowledgeable and very professional and really is a pioneer in financial planning. He diligently answered all my queries and gave me confidence when I was skeptical. He is committed to client satisfaction. If you are new and looking for help with your financial planning needs then I will strongly recommend Mr Sukhvinder. I will definitely be looking to work with him for many more years.

Govardhan Dulam

I feel I have started a new way of life without worries about future

When first started with the financial planning process, I just felt I need to know ‘financial planning’ to settle down some of my personal finance issues. But after completion of my financial plan by Sukhvinder Sidhu, I feel I have started a new way of life without worries about future. Financial planning giving financial freedom to live at present!

Dileep Earully Sankaran

Always available for support and help in terms of financial planning

After having a first but bad experience with a famous financial planner last year, we found Mr. Sukhvinder Sidhu as an unbiased fee-only planner. It’s been a very happy and satisfying experience with him. Everything from Data Gathering to Plan Implementation is excellent! The most important thing – he is always available for support and help in terms of financial planning. We would recommend Mr. Sidhu to those who are in search of a Good Financial Planner.

Baloni, Chandra Mohan and Renuka


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